Mmm... vegie food.

Had lunch yesterday at Fo Guang Yuan Budhhist Art Gallery. It was amazing! I've been there once before, and every time the food is delicious and cheap. They have awesome kumquat tea which is think and syrupy, and the smell sweetly hangs in the air above you.

Anyway, they serve lots of their meals with mock meat. I've always been the type of vegetarian that has an aversion to mock meat, because it's meaty. Yesterday though, I had mock duck in plum & lemon sauce and it was great! Quite duck-like (from what I can remember). My meal came with little flecks of vegetarian tuna too... very tuna-y!

How do they do this though? How do you get a vegetarian version of duck? If you know, let me know too!

Nearly forgot - Fo Guang Yuan is at 141 Queen St, in the city. Open only on weekdays for lunch. Go there!!!

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