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Fiddle Leaf Figs - Pocket Carnival
Since moving houses 6 months ago, into a much lighter, brighter, newer, fresher & warmer home (I love it!) I've developed a full-blown obsession with indoor plants. What started with just 1 (I dug up a fern from my old house and chucked it in a pot) has turned into many. There are so many virtues to indoor plants I could go on about, but I love them for 3 main reasons: they add a visual freshness to my home, they purify the air, and there are so many types to collect and trends to watch.

In the background you can also see the vintage map that Chris and I had printed onto canvas and then stretched onto a frame - it took us awhile to decide upon artwork to go next to our kitchen (or indoor plant) table, but I love this one. This map is from 1744 and I love that entire sections of the world are mere guesses, that Australia was as yet uninhabited by the West.

The biggest trend of the moment is the beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig (ficus lyrata). You may have seen them on design blogs, in rooms on tv shows, or in magazines. I purchased one as a birthday gift to myself from Gardenworld, plus I was gifted one by my mum. Lucky!

So far they're going really well, as with the majority of indoor plants I keep them in a sunny spot (but not direct sun), water them once per week, and watch them grow.

Air Plant & Bedside Table - Pocket Carnival
Something I'm not 100% sure about still is airplants. How do these things work? Magic? This one now sits on my bedside table.

Vintage Moon Globe & Indoor Plants - Pocket Carnival.
I gave Chris this beautiful little vintage moon globe for Christmas (I think inside a lot of us adults is still a childhood fascination with the moon and astronauts).

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