Behind the Scenes.

Pastel Paper Straws & Twine

These are just a few of the images I've shared on Instagram lately.

Above is an order I packaged up for a lovely customer of pastel paper straws and baker's twine. This was a lovely one to send out!

Pastel Cloudy Twine

New baker's twine photography session - these new colours are slowly being added to the online store - I've had a few queries (in particular from brides to be!) about some of the pastel colours - most of them are available on Etsy right now!

Pocket Carnival Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping for another customer - I do love a good session of gift wrap (provided it's not at 1am on Christmas morning, must be organised this year) and I'm always extremely pleased to offer a free gift wrapping service for any online order. You can be guaranteed it will involve twine, washi, and Love Mae gift wrap.

Tropical Christmas Decorations

And finally - my Christmas decorating at home is minimalist yet oh-so-kitsch and very on trend, essentially due to the fact that the only person who buys me Christmas decorations is my mum. This year Chris and I have a very tropical tree.

Hope you're all having a wonderful December!


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