Green, White & Metallic Inspiration.

My new indoor plant obsession (just call me the crazy indoor plant lady) is starting to influence my design tastes. Since Chris and I had a massive possession purge when we moved house recently, I'm finding myself attracted to clean bright spaces, fresh indoor plants, natural fibers and vintage style metallics.I think there's definitely something to be recommended for interior styling that encompasses handmade, vintage, op shopped / thrifted, and a few special designer pieces. These are a few of my top picks!

1. Fiddle leaf fig in a vintage planter on Christie Chase's blog - this is pretty much perfect. I love these plants.
2. Paper Straws - Gold & Silver Mix Pack from Pocket Carnival - yes I love my paper straws, and I think all of us, kids & adults, enjoy things that shimmer & shine!
3. Verdant Canister from Anthropologie - for my tea collection.
4. Golden Brass Earrings by Moira K Lime - just love.
5. Lemon Herb Cauliflower Bean Dip by Edible Perspective - I mean, colour matching your food to your interior decor isn't going too far is it? And this sounds delicious.
6. Green Palm Outdoor Ottoman by Square Fox Designs - how beautiful is this fabric? And indoor / outdoor furniture is great (plus this won't scratch floorboards!)

For more inspiration, take a look at the Pocket Carnival Pinterest!

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