Bub love: unisex newborn gifts

So. I work in a baby store, I design baby bibs and cards, and I have a bunch of friends all popping babies out (or they will be soon!) In this easy 5 gift guide I'll show you how to mix a wonderful Pocket Carnival product with some other faves for a super special unisex baby shower or new baby gift. Enjoy!

1. Rainbow Cloud Mobile by Made by Mosey - love this mobile, love the lady who makes them! Seriously, these mobiles are all handmade in Melbourne, right down to the handpainted twigs the mobile hangs on. And if you've had the pleasure of meeting Mads, the amazing designer/maker, you'll know she's just straight-up lovely.

2. Hello Baby Greeting Card by Pocket Carnival - of course you wanna be grabbing one of these cards for all your pregnant friends? Better yet, grab a discount card pack!

3. Wooden Kite Teether by Organic Toy Co - these guys make all their toys and teethers from scratch in Brisbane. How adorable is this kite teether? Very. I know babies will chew on just about ANYTHING (which can be kind of adorable or extremely gross, depending on what they're chewing on) so I do think it's nice to give them something special to chomp away on. These teethers are made of untreated Australian mahogany. Nice.

4. Alphabet by Alison Jay - these illustrations are just dreamy. Alphabet books are always totes popular for the competitive parent type, plus they're great for a bit of freestyling with your bedtime / babysitting book reading.

5. Dribble Bib - Hot Air Balloon by Pocket Carnival - I have the dribbliest niece ever (seriously, she could pretty much rehydrate the Sahara), and I'm pleased to say that these bibs work for her. The hemp / organic cotton fleece that they are backed with is SO soft and it's really absorbent too which is fantastic. These are definitely not your meal-time bibs, think of them as a handy accessory to stop clothes getting soaking with dribble / milky burps.

Boys and girls newborn gift editions coming soon!


Couple of outtakes from my recent photoshoot with little Miss Vi - I like to think in this photo she is trying to say something along the lines of 'I love you Auntie Penny!' (although it is probably more like 'Ooh! Shiny camera!'

In this photo I was thinking a little pile of bibs in the background could look cool and natural and a bit arty. Hmm. (In reality it is just the pile of dribbled on bibs. Yes, aspiring models, if you dribble on the clothes and accessories you get to keep them!)

Get your very own Dribble Bibs here!

Pinspiration: Dri Dri Gelato

Dri Dri Gelato

Pinterest is now my favourite way to pass some time on the Internets and still feel vaguely like I am working. :)

How amazing is the branding and design of this beautiful gelati store, Dri Dri Gelato? The design is by Elips Design, and I absolutely adore the colour and pattern, the use of 2D and 3D, and that it still has an incredible simplicity and functionality to it. Fantastic. It even looks a little like a pop-up shop or a trade fair stall - definitely not like your average icecream store!

Image via Inspired to Share