Couple of outtakes from my recent photoshoot with little Miss Vi - I like to think in this photo she is trying to say something along the lines of 'I love you Auntie Penny!' (although it is probably more like 'Ooh! Shiny camera!'

In this photo I was thinking a little pile of bibs in the background could look cool and natural and a bit arty. Hmm. (In reality it is just the pile of dribbled on bibs. Yes, aspiring models, if you dribble on the clothes and accessories you get to keep them!)

Get your very own Dribble Bibs here!


Holli said...

Very gorgeous baby in some very gorgeous dribble bibs. We are a fan at my house! I have more than enough washing with teething twins so dribble bibs are a huge help!

Anonymous said...

Still look good, with or without dribble!