Finders Keepers

Phew! I have to say, I usually find markets a bit of a whirlwind of craziness, but especially the big ones like Finders Keepers - madness! For me a big positive of doing markets is that they create a deadline. I often have new product ideas floating around, but in a small business like mine where I wear pretty much every cap - design, production and marketing/promotion, it can be difficult to find time to fit it all in. But there's nothing like a looming deadline to get the organisation happening, so before Finders Keepers I sat down and came up with a couple of new purse designs, some gift tags, a Christmas range, new baby card (more soon! agh!) and a new cushion.

Can you tell I'm equal parts overwhelmed, tired and excited in this photo? Taken midway through day two. Click to zoom in!

One of the other fantastic parts of doing a market is getting to meet SO MANY PEOPLE, and getting feedback on products. I am still feeling a bit warm & fuzzy from chatting to so many amazing artists and designers, plus some of my amazing online customers, at the market. I want to go for coffee with you all so we can chat for longer! I loved getting so much feedback too - seeing which products were people's favourites, what questions consistently arose, which products people kept on picking up but not buying, and which ones people bought without a moments hesitation.

Let me share with you that the winner in the bestselling product category is the Hot Air Balloon dribble bib - my favourite! Excellent! (More bibs will be here soon, just waiting for my wonderful fabric printers to do their thing! I'm glad I took a pretty much perfect amount of these to the market!) But you can get a Hot Air Balloon cushion in the meantime... just saying!

Anyway thank you to everyone who came to the market, purchased something, chatted, gave smiles, offered to buy me coffee, gave lovely comments on Instagram or Facebook, and just generally were lovely.

xx Penny


Cindy said...

Love the cloud cushion, glad it was a good one, but with such gorgeous stuff I am not surprised