Pinterest Picks: Sweet + Vegan

Two admissions. First, I'm an aspirational vegan. I only cook vegan foods at home, and I used to be vegan, and I completely respect and admire those fine people who stick to an all vegan lifestyle. However, I'm very lazy about it, especially when it comes to cakes & sweet treats at cafes and restaurants. Can't resist them.

Second admission: I adore Pinterest. I am very careful to try to credit my Pins properly, and I just love the way that clicking on beautiful Pinterest images can link you to the most amazing websites via beautiful images (it can also link you to some awful Tumblr pages and error messages, you Pinterest users know what I mean!)

So, one + two equals it's time to do some vegan baking! All the above DELICIOUS looking sweet treats are from my Sweet Vegan board, and I really gotta get onto these recipes! YUM!


1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Tartlettes by The Knead for Speed
2. Raw Strawberry Dreamcake by A Dash of Compassion
3. Vegan Cloudberry Cheesecake by Seitti on Flickr


Able and Game said...

I have to admit pinterest drives me a bit nuts when people don't credit stuff!

Cheray Natalie said...

i have a request - please bake me those chocolate peanut butter cookie tartlets.....pleeeaaasseeee <3 <3
Cheray xxx