Today I...

Of course, anyone who works in any way connected to the creation of retail of any goods knows that Christmas-time is bonkers. Unless, I suppose, you're an Ugg booter maker, in which case - winter's coming in 6 months! Hang in there!

Thankfully this year my bonkerdom has manifested differently than last year, which was generally tears & tantrums, terrifying Chris to the core. This year I am cool, calm & collected, my Christmas shopping is DONE! (don't hate me!) so I am free to enjoy my craziness in a more leisurely way.

This is my day today (blame Shannon for encouraging me to share this):

Discover Handmade Ryan Gosling.
Read Handmade Ryan Gosling.
Look up other Ryan Gosling tumblrs.
Watch videos on Youtube of Ryan Gosling reading from Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling.
Spend a bunch of time tweeting/facebooking Handmade Ryan Gosling (surely this is too good not to share!)
Realise Chris's mum is coming over in 30 minutes.
Clean, a lot, and very quickly.
Eat some cupcakes (multiple cupcakes are okay because they're tiny ones).
Think about writing a blog post for Oh My Green.
Check Google Analytics for Oh My Green.
Finally discover why Google Analytics says people spend 0:00:00 seconds on my site.
Have tea & cupcakes with Chris's mum.
Chat for awhile.
Have secret conversation with Chris about Christmas gifts while his mum is in the kitchen.
Ask Chris to buy ingredients for more cupcakes.
Package up 2 packets of gift tags.
Write this list.

Realise really need to vacuum.
Eat another cupcake. They're really good.
Contemplate on what an amazing invention vegan ganache is.
Congratulate self for figuring out how to make a recipe* for said ganache.
Take above photo in kitchen.
Look around studio in horror at annual pre-Christmas biggest-ever-mess.
Think about making lunch.
Stress because I have not actually done any work today at all.

*Vegan chocolate ganache - it's simply made replacing regular cream with thick coconut cream! Delish.


Sissy Sparrows said...

That's funny... love have the peek into your life! Thanks for sharing!

rabbit and the duck said...

Haha I love it! I am just about to ice my cake. The most productive thing I've done all day : )