markit at fed square

Oof. I can't seem to get my blogging or generally creative mojo on lately, but this post by Ming-Zhu of The Public Studio totally helped. Go take a peep!

I decided, for my stall at Markit, I wanted a new setup (I do this practically every market, but it's kind of fun!). I wanted to make some card display stands that would be quite tall, and easier to lug around than my previous box display. I've been watching a ton of The Big Bang Theory lately so I got my math-genius cap on and designed it. My dad helped me chop everything up on his whizz-bang new band-saw! Yay! Then I got to relieve enough pent-up stress for a few years with my hammer and nails.

I also decided, the day before Markit, I wanted new business cards. I also have a new blog banner. Whee!

So this is my stall! If you came and visited Markit you'd know my head would be peeping out just above the trees. I wanted it to look a bit like a landscape, with trees and softies (imagine there are animals under the trees, I took this photo before I finished setting up).

Thank you to everyone who came by Markit and stopped for a chat or to buy something!

I know I have said this a lot lately, but the main reason I love doing markets is because I get to see what people like about Pocket Carnival. I had a big old epiphany after the market, and am currently designing a new collection... more soon!


rabbit and the duck said...

The new set up looked so great! My market stall helper Jen said to me too how cute it looked : ) And the business cards - I love them!

yasmeen said...

hello! i popped by your stall and bought 3 absolutely charming cards. loved your setup!

Carolyn said...

Loved your setup! The set up looked so great!

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Off The Peg said...

Looks great! I love the fact that you change the setup regularly. I'm in a little bit of a market setup rut at the moment so can relate to the lack of mojo thing too. Good luck with the new bits you're working on!

Jo - Dusty Plum said...

Hi Penny,
I met you at the market, I love your stuff, I'm the girl who after three visits finally found the cash to buy a fat quarter!! I love it!

Mel Stringer said...

I love your setup! so lovely

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