One Little Red Fox

Arthur, the retro raccoon plush with woolen glasses

Gorgeous, no? One Little Red Fox is the creation of Julie who lives in France and likes crochet & cuteness. Don't we all!

Owl zipped coin purse with floral lining

I love her sweet little animals, they're all so adorable! I'm clearly a sucker for really unique and lovely purses - this owl purse is gorgeous!

Stanislas, the fox with a bow tie in mustard

I think One Little Red Fox makes such good use of different fabric combinations too - I love the simple houndstooth, the mustard wool, and the little pop of colour from the buttons and the floral tie. So good!

You can find Julie's blog here in French (or read it in English with Google translator!)
There's an interview with Julie on the Etsy France blog... the translation is a bit off though!

And, visit One Little Red Fox on Etsy


Rie said...

.... i think i'm in love......

onelittleredfox said...

hey! it's me! it's me!! :)
Thank you soo much to present my work on your blog! you're adorable! =)

I'm very happy you love my creations!

Xo. Lili

Maxabella said...

SO cute. That raccooon is irresistable! Thanks for sharnig Julie's work. x