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Manchester Press is the hottest new cafe in Melbourne - it's only been open a few weeks, and already I've heard so much about it! It's run by the same people as Loco Cafe in Elsternwick which is one of my favourites, so I was quite happy to go there for lunch.

It's down a little laneway of Little Bourke Street in the camping store district, and it's inside a building that used to be an old printing press office. So the decor is very reflective of this - lots of typography, cute shelves, tables made out of old printing equipment. Plus, amazing artwork by Montgomery. And a massive bowling pin.

The menu's short & sweet - just a few bagels, salads, and a couple of breakfast things. And, the bagels are $12. So, my buddy Deb and I said to each other, it better be a good bagel for $12. And it was! I got a guacamole, fetta, tomato, pinenut & rocket bagel, and it came with a really delicious salad (yes, there is a bagel underneath!) We were very happy campers.

I love me some coffee (hot chocolate) art. Cute!

The staff were all lovely, very hipster-chic.

If, like me, the promise of awesome coffee & a great space makes you speed down Rankins Lane you might not see their words of wisdom until the way out... Very true.

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane

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Little Mo and Friends said...

you should have taken a picture beside the bowling pin so that I can see how tall you are. hehe