the vegan lamington cake

I've been watching the episodes of Zumbo lately, and I really like his creative process for cake making. He just thinks about what he'd like to have in the cake, the flavours & textures, and writes it down, and voila!
I had to make a special birthday cake a few days ago, and one of Zumbo's recipes involved a coconut & dark chocolate ganache. Genius! This inspired me to make a lamington-esque cake - chocolate, coconut & raspberry.

For the ganache, I boiled sugar & cornflour in a tiny bit of sugar, and slowly mixed in coconut cream to create a vegan coconut custard mix. I then poured this over chocolate to make a thick ganache - so good!

I forgot to take a picture of the finished cake, but these are the layers - 2 layers of chocolate tahini cake (modified from this recipe), and 1 layer of a jam cake (I just made up the recipe, it was good!)

In between were layers of ganache or raspberries. The raspberries were so great to cut through the richness.

Despite the cake tasting rich, it was not overwhelming. The whole cake had not a very high sugar content, but the chocolate definitely delivered a buzz!

Mmm. A good thing to create.


Kellie Christie said...

OMG what a tease! That look delicious!

me. said...

Looks amazing!!! You should make one for the Vegan Bake Sale next month! -

You could make a mint :)

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Oh my goodnessssssssss That looks far to yummy for it's own good!!!

Vic said...


Jennie said...

That looks sooooo yummy ! ! !

Alisa said...

I am completely defenseless!

nevertheless said...

mouthwatering :P~