love love love: blue hours design

Jessica earrings - sterling silver square diamond shape ear bobs by bluehourdesigns

I am very lucky: Chris got me a pair of gorgeous Jessica earrings from Blue Hour Design for my birthday (back in Jan!) So good! I love them so much, they're so pretty, very light to wear (I hate heavy earrings!), and they get lots of compliments!

I'd actually been wanting these earrings for SO LONG, so good work Chris!

Dark Hover necklace - charcoal recycled sterling silver group of round circles pendant by bluehourdesigns

My earrings were so nicely packaged, and amongt all the prettiness was a lovely business card with some info about Blue Hour Designs, including that all of the silver they use is recycled/reclaimed. Yay!

Arcadian earrings - recycled sterling silver modern triangular dangles by bluehourdesigns

So head over to Blue Hour Designs and take a peek at their pretties.

Blue Hour Designs on Etsy
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Blue Hour Designs online store

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