adorable: prunella soap

Ginger - Red Rooibos Tea // Special Edition // Vegan Soap by prunellasoap

I found Prunella Soap via twitter - someone posted a link and the statement 'best photography ever' (or something like that). And I agree! Best photography ever! Seriously, so cute, don't you think! The lighting! The props! The bunting! The washi tape! Argh! Adorable!

50 Soap Favors - Wrapped // Vegan - Organic - Cold Process by prunellasoap

Prunella Soap is based in lovely Portland, USA, ships world-wide, and is adorable. All Prunella Soap is vegan, and is handmade in small batches using the cold process method - way better for your skin than supermarket soap, people!

You Choose Any 3 Guest / Travel Size Bars by prunellasoap

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HMC Designs said...

just gorgeous!
although it's reminding me of toffee and making me hungry for some ;)

rabbit and the duck said...

Oh so lovely in so many ways!

Merylu said...

Awww! Love the photos! It's a very creative way to take a photo of a soap! And I'm sure they're great products :)