new swing tags!

Chris is a student, with access to the amazing resources of a university library. So, I got him to borrow me some business books. Entrepreneurial ones! Most of them are a load of waffle, but a couple have been very good (more on this soon!)

One of the books (plus an article in an old copy of Frankie!) made me think about packaging, and the purpose of it. Obviously it's there for a reason - to tell people who made the item, what it's made of, how to look after it. It can also make you feel a bit special! It can make you want to buy something even more. It should be nice, don't you think?

So, voila! The brown kraft card one is our old swing tag - sort of cute, and functional. I hope you agree the new one is just that bit more special.

From now on, whenever you buy a Pocket Carnival purse it'll be just a teensy bit more special, we hope!

Now, on to the softie packaging!


Lakshmi said...

hi penny,
I love the tags. I think it gives the product a nice finishing touch and looks very professional. I have been adding tags as well. So far I have one simple design . But I like how it accompanies the product.
My favorite is the tag with the rainbow colors on it.

memtree said...

oh nice tags!

also wanted to say thanks for the 4 cards from the 'envelope question giveaway'. they're so adorable! :)

Little Mo and Friends said...

very nice penny bunny! Definitely makes it look more pro and the white tags makes your products stand out!

Anonymous said...

I like the old one! :) Like your little drawing on it!
Love Sandra from South Africa

Madeleine said...

Beautiful tags to adorn beautiful work Penny!