thank you!

Hello! Thank you all so much to the lovely people who bought the softies for the QLD Flood Appeal. We sold 7 softies and donated $200 to the Premier's Distaster Relief Appeal (our receipt # is 3115290), which is fantastic! Obviously it's a teensy drop in the ocean compared to the money, effort & time that will be needed to get Queensland back in shape, but there are so many lovely crafty /bloggy types that are doing so much that it's all adding up!

The Little Man Bear softies are now for sale on Etsy and in the Pocket Carnival store too. Yay!
Something else happening is a Flood Appeal Auction on Facebook, organised by Handmade Kids and Rudy & the Dodo. This fabulous team have been accepting donations of goods which will be auctioned tomorrow (Friday 15th).

In case you've never experienced a Facebook auction before, you have to sign in to your Facebook account, 'like' their page, and then once the auction opens tomorrow, leave a comment on each item you'd like to bid for with your $ bid amount. 100% of the winning bids will be donated.

Take a peek! There are 2 more Pocket Carnival softies for auction.

Thanks! Back to regular, non-soggy, scheduled programming soon!


monkeemoomoo said...

You may have already have heard, but there is also another online auction for Queensland here:

Go the crafty community!

appl3pie said...

Aww I missed out, I would've joined the auction for a good cause had I seen this on time.

Also popping by to let you know that I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award :)