so pretty: anthropologie

Clockwise: Zinnia Thicket Bowl, Zinnia Thicket Salad Plate, Zinnia Thicket Dinner Plate

Chris is currently in London for a bit, working away. I'm quite jealous, but it is rather cold there, so next time! While he's there he's giving a gift to some friends who very recently got married. We were going to try and think of something portable for him to find in Melbourne, but then I thought of Anthropologie... I remembered seeing these photos on Decor8 some time back and now feel all jealous that I can't visit the store too!

How gorgeous are the Zinnea Thicket pieces? I would be delighted to eat dinner from them every night, wouldn't you?

This is so kooky & cute - I love both the Wise Ol' Canister, Orange, and the Nathalie Lete Dinner Plates. Adorable!

From The Deep Side Plate, Octopus

These ones are maybe a bit too risky for a wedding gift, but they're my faves. Can't you imagine eating a big bowl of spaghetti off an octopus? I can! If Chris had taken a hard suitcase (instead of a soft backpack) I'd be tempted to make a request... my birthday is coming up soon!

Distant Voyage Bedding

This looks perfect, no? If it had not been snowing in London recently I think this would be perfect for a newly married couple... maybe for a honeymoon?

Most of these items are available with international delivery on the Anthropologie US website!

It's all so gorgeous! I sent Chris a map of the Anthropologie store location, my suggestions for ultimate wedding gifts, instructions to take photos of the shop (if they let him!) and the hint that my birthday is soon. So... good luck to Chris!


Miss Snow said...

Oh, I LOVE the owl... what a cute little fella!

Tiges and Weince said...

Hi Penny, I have been to Anthropologie at the Grove in LA. It's such an amazing store I went nuts shopping there, mind you the dollar was not great aarrrgh. The items you picked are gorgeous. Loving the owl.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Anthropology so!

I went back in 2008 in San Diego, and I bought two dishes that I cradled ever so gently on the trip home. I love them so much.

Those zinnia plates are just gorgeous!

(NeverEverEmma posting from my new blog!)