my creative space: hoot!

Cutting lots of fabric - usually I tear the fabric I use for lining, and then snip away with this handy template!

Check out this fabric. Found in an op shop, I know it's rather hideously 80s, but the colours are perfect with my new Owl Forest orangey colourway! I kind of love using an overscale print in a tiny purse, it makes it a bit dreamy. And hooray for finding a way to reuse that fabric, amiright?

The owl purses have been flying out the door (pun very intended), so have been sewing a bunch more. The orange ones will be online soon.

A box of goodness delivered to lovely Bec at Little Shop Of!

Zippers! Hopefully this boxful will last until after the big C (that's Christmas to you & me).

Checkitout - lovely Shannon found me these gorgeous vintage fabrics. They're destined for lining more purses!

For more sneak peeks at totes creative peeps, visit Kootoyoo (yes, it's one of those sugary, windy, sunny, cloudy, funny days).

today i love: milkwood design

How gorgeous are these resin rings from Milkwood Design? Answer: very.

Amelia, the creator of Milkwood, is super lovely and will be at Finders Keepers Melbourne next month! Can't wait! Ack, Amelia won't be there, but I still will!

And psst- thanks so much to Kid Independent for featuring Pocket Carnival this week. If you like independent & ethical design for kids, take a peek at Kid Independent!


Look what just arrived! New fabric! Organic cotton goodness! Thank you Spoonflower! I love you!

Large scale owls, this is for a personal project, will show you when I am done!

Cake! This cake right here, actually, from Have Cake Will Travel. I made it using a honey/agave combo instead of the specified maple syrup - it's got no cane sugar in it. And it's really good! And vegan! Love cake. It's a dense, chocolatey cake, and the recipe is quite forgiving (I tend not to measure when I bake). If vegan, low sugar cakes are your thing, take a peek at the recipe!

P. S. - the fabric competition this week on Spoonflower is Kawaii themed! I may have even entered, but it's all so so so cute! Love.

my creative space today

Today I am - stitching up the opening on the last 4 softies. (More softie fabric is on its way in the mail! Hope it arrives soon! I need softies for Finders Keepers market!)

Sorting through the rather red pile of fabric on top of my shelves - that's my need-to-make-these-into-purses-really-really-soon pile.

Punching gift tags...

Finishing more BFF pencilcases, for some lovely people.

Today the sun is shining and I feel happy, so hopefully I get all of this done! (Might take a break to re-watch the new Glee episode too!)

look what i got!

From lovely Shannon (aka Rabbit & the Duck).

So cute! It's too lovely to know what to write in it! I can always find another book insert if I make a mistake though.

How cute is the lining! Orange polka dots! I love orange & polka dots (I'm even waiting for a fabric delivery with orange polka dots).

If you want your own journal, Rabbit & the Duck is having a sale! Ending Saturday! Details are here.

a little bit of funny (involving cute dogs!)

This is the cutest music video ever! OK Go - White Knuckles. Nice. (Found via Apartment Therapy)

Watch it full size here.

lovely iannone

Gorgeous, no? Iannone Design create their gorgeous furniture using a combination of FSC certified timber, sustainable materials, and eco-friendlier paints & finishes.

I love the little robin on the tree! I would so very much like to own one of these pieces, but instead perhaps if I close my eyes I can pretend?

hello, bunny! (hello, sale!)

They're ready! So cute! I want to have a baby so I can give it toys!

Take a peek in the shop, here.

And if you were thinking of buying one (or even if you weren't) take a peek at the latest newsletter, here, because there might even be a little sale! Oof, sale's over!

my creative space: new...

Something new! I've wanted to make these for awhile...

Lovely hemp & corn fibre stuffing - no polyfill here! I love things that are (eventually) biodegradable... (Not that I would want anyone to compost one of these, but you know what I'm saying.)

I've finally mastered the perfect hidden stitchy running stitch thing. Hooray!

And finally... new designs! Little sneak peek.

P.S. - there might be a sale coming up at Pocket Carnival - if you'd like to be notified by email, leave a comment or use the contact form!

xx Penny

For more lovely crafty types & their studios/creative spaces, get clicking at Kootoyoo!

New - Little Bugs!

Chris (my boyfriend) helps out a lot in the business - he folds cards, turns purses inside out, comes on post office runs (and post-post office run coffee breaks). This is the first time he's actually designed something, and I love it.

Little Bugs is available as a coinpurse (there are a few more coinpurse-only designs coming soon).

Buy Little Bugs in the Pocket Carnival Shop, or on Etsy.

little pretty

Mostly things are good, but sometimes we all have tricky patches. The past couple of weeks have not been ideal, but flowers always make things a little rosier, right?

Thanks for the pretty flowers, Alice!

And, onward & upward this week. Photography conditions (mostly clouds) permitting, new products will definitely be here this week!

my creative space: let's get going!

It's September! Day 2! Time for a new product... more on this soon!

New purses! I had imagined a forest design for a long time, and I love drawing little owls, so in the end this design came about quite well!

Available on:
Pocket Carnival Shop - coinpurse or pencilcase.
Etsy - coinpurse or pencilcase.

This has been my attempt so far at a little Spring clean - at least my fabric is all very neat now, and I know which ones I need to re-order!

For more creative spaces, take a peek at the list on Kootoyoo!

hello, spring! it's time to get organised!

I've been super-bad at listing new products for sale online lately - today that will all change!

The camera battery is charging, then a photography session will commence!

Perhaps a little Spring-cleaning might occur as well? At least a little once over with the vacuum.

I'm excited as I've just found out I will have a stall at the upcoming Finders Keepers Melbourne market - I'm sharing with two lovely ladies, Emma & Susan!

The beginning of Spring, alongside the impending arrival of the market, seems the perfect time to finalise all my products for the rest of the year. So, watch this space!