my creative space: new cards!

I like to try and have new products every month to keep Pocket Carnival fresh & happening... this month I've been a little bogged down in finishing a big bundle of new fabric designs (not to mention launching Little Websites) so everything's taking awhile!

The fabric's in the mail (hopefully) but these cards are now in the shop - my favourite is the little Lion in Snowshoes - you might be seeing more of this little guy soon!

Today I'm still just printing, scoring, folding & packaging cards... and watching dvds to keep me entertained!

xx Penny

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something old: peg dolls

I found these little babies tucked away somewhere in my old room at my parents house! They're very cute, but I'm rather glad my drawing skills have improved since I was little.

what's the difference?

I'm pretty upset by this election. Part of it is that I can't perceive any difference between Labor & Liberal (I guess apart from the fact that one of their leaders has shiny red hair and the other has abs of steel), and the ensuing fact that it makes me feel rather powerless that the way our election system is set up, one of them will win.

Seriously? Surely we have the technology to merge J-Gill and T-Abs into 1 person, with red-hair & steely-abs, and then have them face off against lovely Bob Brown? Because if their main policy differences are whether asylum seekers should be imprisoned on Nauru or East Timor, or the best way to successfully ignore climate change, then what's the point?

I think we all know that Australia can do better than fear-monger about 'queue jumping', 'illegal immigrants' & 'boat people', or, yet again, refusing to introduce same-sex marriage, or completely ignoring the crazy & scary reality of climate change.

Come on.

inspiration: owls

I'm working on some new fabric! Hooray! I always like to research my designs to make sure it's possible that what I'm drawing is slightly realistic...

Owl by BigBrotherBear on Flickr

This is how I imagine an owl would look with a killer hangover...

Owl by RijkV on Flickr

Hopefully the fabric will be ready soon! I'm getting a bunch of new designs printed for my purses, and then I'm going to start working on some fabric I'll have available for sale. I've decided it will be organic!

Owl by Sidclay Dias on Flickr

my creative space

I wish I had a magic wand like this bunny!

Two new art prints, finally finished. I've had the little Rain Man sketch in my sketchbook for probably almost 2 years now, and it's finally become a print - happy!

I think I might take some new photos on a nice sunny day, I don't know what happened to these! Possibly I need to take them without the glass in the frame?

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work in progress (sort of)

Not too much has been happening at Pocket Carnival HQ, apart from dvd watching and nose-blowing, and fist shaking at the never ending cold.

It hasn't been all bad - being confined to the couch for almost a week gave me a chance to finally draw some illustrations that have been in my mind (and my sketchbook) for a long time.

Hopefully with just a little bit more work, they'll be ready to be printed and packaged up very soon!