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I wish I had a magic wand like this bunny!

Two new art prints, finally finished. I've had the little Rain Man sketch in my sketchbook for probably almost 2 years now, and it's finally become a print - happy!

I think I might take some new photos on a nice sunny day, I don't know what happened to these! Possibly I need to take them without the glass in the frame?

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Mandy said...

OH those prints are gorgeous. Congrats on getting them in print at last!

Danielle said...

Oh lovely. I think I need one of these for the babies nursery.

Bilyana :) said...

No need of a wand, your hand's magical!

Vickie said...

such sweet illustrations, love the rain man :)

helena / little mo said...

hahahah too sweet! Bunny's wand has rainbow colours now!

crazy...I just blogged about Mr Rain too hahah...but mine isn't as cute as yours though! xoxoxo

Lauren said...

that wand is AMAZING!!! oh I had a wonderful compliment the other day...i took out my little "we love each other" coin purse and had to pry it out of my sisters hands to get it back! They loved it... x

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

nicely done! :)

ambette said...

Penny, I love your illustrations. Gorgeous!

I'd also like to pass on a blog award because I just love your work and really enjoy your blog!

Here's the link to the post: