today i love: my bearded pigeon.

Cath from Chunky Chooky is awesome. She makes super cute kids stuff, and has recently started a second line, My Bearded Pigeon. Possibly the cutest name in the world (although I can't verify that sorry), and just all round awesome.

This cushion reminds me of the posters that became widespread after the 2002 Woomera Detention Centre protests... it's bold & graphic, and the message is immediately clear. I think sometimes messages can be lost in the design and the media... not this! Plus it's made of organic fabric, and $5 from every cushion sold goes to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who are a great organisation. The ASRC work with asylum seekers and refugees on their refugee applications, and also do heaps of work to help people get jobs, training, etc.

My Bearded Pigeon also offers awesome cross stitch patterns, plus finished pieces.

Right on.

Chunky Chooky Blog
My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy

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Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Awwww shucks Penny for the awesome kindness of your words.

I do like to stir things up a bit and I like that others appreciate the sentiments.