staying cool in the sun!

It's finally warm! It's beach weather, picnic weather, weather for shorts, skirts & thongs, weather for icecreams any time of the day & ice blocks in every drink!

It's weather for impromptu picnics at the beach (or anywhere). You don't have to prepare - just grab a drink from the fridge, a snack from a bakery, and go!

It's weather for GRANITA!!!! This one's from 7 Seeds - it's an Earl Grey and Tangerine granita. So good. It's like a fancy, delicious iced tea.

It's also weather for mangoes! And snow peas! In a salad! With avocado!

And, when you next visit Lulu & Little Lulu in Balaclava, pop in to Wall Two 80 for an iced coffee - because it's iced coffee weather! And they're fancy and pop roasted coffee beans on top.


Veronica Darling... said...

I'm so into all the above things, and yep, it's a perfect time of year.

(I'm writing this as it's pouring with hot rain, but it'll be sunshine-y again soon!)

monkeemoomoo said...

Perfect! I love this post. It is actually not that hot yet here in Queensland at the moment. It's windy, raining and I'm in my dressing gown! But it won't be long now.

I'm looking forward to ice-creams anytime too!

Oh - love the cups!