loving: candy stripe

Red and White bunting / Garland / Flags by vidastyle

Today I'm loving candy stripes. They're so cute & cheerful, and it's nice not to have to eat a candy cane to see candy stripes, right?

Candy Stripe coin purse by SeventhSphere

Candy stripes remind me of cute old fashioned shops that have striped awnings or blinds - I don't think enough shops have these anymore!

Gift Tag 8 pack - Candy Cane Red - Printed on Recycled Card by pocketcarnival

They also of course remind me of Christmas, which is always a nice (if stressful!) time of year. Every year I spend it with family, and we just eat a lot and hang out and sometimes play cricket. That's a nice thing to do.

Candy Cane Christmas Handmade Good Will Bunting in Small by heidiadnum

Candy stripe also reminds me of baker's twine. I never actually have seen a baker using this twine - maybe I go to the wrong ones? Normally they just use paper bags. I have been using so much candy stripe baker's twine for my gift tags these past few weeks it's making my eyes funny. But I'm happy the tags are so appreciated!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend (and please please please don't let it be Baillieu...)


inkie-mumma said...

I have the mad love for candy stripe, I use it much to much. In fact my husband and I are renewing our vows and I'm going to wear a candy stripe dress <3

Louise said...

Oh, I love candy-stripes too! What a cute collection of photos.