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The past day or so I've been making much lasagne - this is my new favourite thing to make in big batches. We made this last night, there's enough for 12 people! Mmm. Lots of lasagne goodness.

The bolognese is a walnut & lentil combo. Would you like the recipe? It's easy.

Walnut & Lentil Bolognese
1/3 cup split red lentils
2/3 cup brown lentils (I like the little tiny ones).
2 cups water
1 bay leaf
Bring to the boil then cook on low for around 45 mins, or until they're cooked and a bit mushy.

1 large brown onion
a couple of shallots (or a bit more onion)
as much garlic as you feel like
1 leek
quite a bit of olive oil (say 1/4 cup?)
Fry all this oniony and leeky goodness on a low heat until it's starting to brown and go a bit sweet.

Add in around 2/3cup of walnuts that you've whizzed in a food processor until they're a breadcrumb size (you could use hazelnut meal instead).
Add in the lentils, and around 440g tin of tomatoes, and a few olives or a teensy bit of salt. And herbs, if you like.

Let it cook for a bit! This is the quantity for quite a large pot of sauce.

Also - more gift tags!

Basil! The large herd of snails in my garden enjoyed eating my first round of basil seedlings, I'm hoping I can find all the snails and rehome them before these ones are ready. And I know, I didn't actually create these, they created themselves... but I did plant them, that counts, right?


flowerpress said...

I woke up this morning thinking about lasagne which I haven't made for years! Never tried it with lentils, what a great idea :-)

helicopter6 said...

Planting them yourself absolutely counts - better than I can do!! And the lasagne looks really fantastic. I'm going to give it a go - lentils and walnuts - fab mix!

Chantal said...

That walnut and lentil bolognese sounds fabulous.

Bianca said...

Sounds great! I am going to give it a try.


m.e (Cathie) said...

you know i am going to say..yumm!!

Kathryn Mitchell said...

Oooh your baby basils look so cute! Yes, I say you certainly contributed to their creation. Did you ever get any further with your drawings on ceramics? I thought they were so cute :)

Spin Spin said...

Yay, looks so good!

Rosalind said...

wow - walnuts and lentils! I'm intrigued and now very hungry. love the new Christmas cards!

Kate said...

Lentil pasta for dinner here tonight. Its our favourite. I've never tried it with walnuts though.

Angel.Pearls said...

Your lasagna looks great, and the new TAGS are soo pretty! Eva

teddybearswednesday said...

Sounds sooo yum I love a lentil pasta!

Rebekka Seale said...

Are you using veggies instead of noodles? MMMM!

The Clip Cafe said...

We love lasagna in our house - thanks for the recipe!! Loved your post :-)

Cotton Kiwi said...

That lasagne looks delicious. I adore walnuts. I might have to try that one. Have you tried walnuts with vegemite on sandwiches? Heaven.
Hope you are having a great weekend.