finders keepers melbourne: part 2

Phew! Finders Keepers is finished! I had such a great time - I met so many lovely stallholders, customers and visitors, and even snuck in a tiny bit of shopping (about 5 minutes before closing time!) This was a big market - it was a little overwhelming in its fabulousness!

The market was also overwhelming in its size - our stall was right in the middle - it stretched this far in both directions! Lots of stalls! (Apologies for the random stick in the middle of the photo!)

The gorgeous Beci Orpin inspiration wall at the Frankie stall!

I met lovely Madeleine from Made By Mosey (and her adorable family! yay! except I forgot to take a photo of her gorgeous stall!) I caught up with Chris and Sally who were two of my first ever stockists (hooray!). I saw Rosie again who made the voyage from Tasmania, and I am sure our sunny 25C weather must have felt like the middle of Summer to a Tasmanian (is that right Rosie?) I did a fabulous trade with Heidi from HMC Designs, and then got to see her beautiful daughter enjoy her new bunny softie!

And of course I had such a great time hanging out with my fabulous stall buddies, Emma & Susan!

Little Circus Design - gorgeous!

I had lots of super-dooper visitors, including Kate from Elly Oak, who has a whole new range of cards! Beky who was super lovely! Cathie who was also super lovely, and who I was so pleased to finally meet! Dawn Tan, who Susan and I were so pleased to meet, and who will be at the North Melbourne Market in two weeks! Michelle from Leni and Rose, who has some big news that I am excited about, and I am sure you fabric lovers will be too! More on this soon. And super, lovely Mich.

I actually met so many more lovely people than the ones I have listed - but I can't remember everyone right now! I am glad I got business cards from people, or remembered to write their names down, as I am rather forgetful.

Shannon and her gorgeous cushions! So cute!

I had so many amazing conversations throughout the market, and received so many lovely compliments about my designs and work. Working from home is lovely, but sometimes it feels very disconnected from actual living, breathing people, so it's always fantastic to meet people who are so enthusiastic about handmade & art! I think it's a huge hats off to the amazing team behind Finders Keepers, for curating such an amazing collection of artists and designers, and then promoting their little patooties off! I was just so happy that so many of the visitors to the market really just enjoyed looking at everything, and talking to us designers, and just had a great time!

You can read an awesome interview with Sarah & Brooke from Finders Keepers over here, at The Design Files!

Phew again! That's enough of a recap for awhile. Although I still need to have a show & tell for the things I came home with!

Edited to add:
Ooh - lovely photos on The Design Files!


m.e (Cathie) said...

you must be exhausted!
I was tired reading all about it let alone doing it 2 days in a row.
hope it was great for you & so very very nice to have met you too Penny.
absolutely wonderful!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Penny i can hear the excitemtn in your post!! So gald you had such a great time. xx

Leni and Rose said...

Yes - 'twas ace to meet you, Penny! Great chat we had! And looking forward to many more, especially about you know what!!