Australian Ballet on The Design Files!

Photograph by Jessica Bialek

Have you all been reading the guest blog on The Design Files?

This week the guest blog is being written by members of The Australian Ballet creative team - awesome!

Photo by Thomas Dallas Watson

The Australian Ballet also have their own blog here... so fascinating!

P.S. Apologies for replying to emails a bit slowly lately - I'm sick again. It's babies. I'm allergic to them. Whenever I see a baby I can't help but give hugs and play and kisses, and then I get sick. Naughty baby.


Dawn Tan said...

Yes! The guest blog this time round is rather pretty. All the colours.. oooh.

And get well soon Miss Penny! Lots of rest, tea and dvds!

fairchildstreet said...

visiting from The Design Files. I loved the post from the Australian Ballet I would love to be out the back amongst all the tutus. Charmaine