from the weekend...

Daffodils from the St Kilda Farmer's Market - beautiful!

This weekend has been a combination of relaxing in a bake-y / flowers-y style, and sitting at my computer editing css and html and trying to fix my shop. I love hosting my own online store, yes I do, but this week I broke the fundamental rule of editing stuff online - understand what you're doing before you do it. I really like experimenting and not following instructions - you can get away with this when you're baking a cake or assembling some Ikea, but sometimes not so much with websites.

Fortunately, all of the data in my shop is safe & backed up. Unfortunately, the shop is now in a semi-online, moved state, and will take a few days to get back!

To make myself feel better (and also to create gifts) I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate raisin coconut cookies. Yesterday at the Farmer's Market, lovely Phillippa's Bakery was selling a delicious chocolate oatmeal slice. Delicious, but very buttery & sugary.

I found a recipe in my beloved Veganomicon cookbook and adapted away to make my own yummy, healthier & vegan cookies - I'll post the recipe next time I make them!

This recipe made a large amount of little cookies - thankfully I have lots of people to give them to!

More little fabric squares! But it's not a quilt.

Hope you're all having lovely weekends!

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m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh no! goodluck with the shop getting back online.
would LOVE that recipe! they look yum.
made your vegan choc cupcakes the other day, I tasted them, yum! thanks again Penny.