the election and the arts

So. The election is tomorrow. Whilst my vote has been secured by the lovely Bob Brown, I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the Greens, Labor & Liberal election policies on The Arts.

The Greens

Their election policy is quite extensive and can be seen here:

Some points of relevance to me:

16. support and adequately resource the Australia Council as the principal independent body for policy development and administration of arts grants programs.
19. support the expansion of the Commonwealth Art Bank – Art Rental program with a focus on emerging artists.
24. introduce a fixed term income support scheme for emerging artists.
25. enable emerging artists to access small business start-up grants and schemes.



The Labor Arts policy is slightly vague but is very extensive, it can be viewed:,-culture-and-heritage/

Points resonating with me were -

# Federal Labor believes there is great potential for increased and broader support for the arts, particularly through boosting philanthropy and private sector support.

# Labor will continue to build on the Australia Council's efforts to streamline the delivery of arts funding and identify and advance the next stage of evolution of our funding models, reframing how we view the role of the arts and the artists who produce work.


The Liberal Arts policy made me amused and annoyed. It can be viewed:

Their entire policy revolves around -

1. Promote the development of the arts in regional areas
2. Support local film production
3. Introduce a musical instrument loan scheme

That's it.


gretchenmist said...

mmmm, interesting! wondering what it will all mean in real terms!
thanks for doing the research for us and fingers crossed!

Maxabella said...

Your allegiances are very clear from this post! I'm liking Bob as well - at least the Greens have carefully outlined their policies and haven't sspent the whole run up to the election slagging off everyone else. x

Posie Patchwork said...

I've already voted, yippee, done!! I very much believe you have to make your own things happen, i don't wait for politians!! Love Posie

Spin Spin said...

Great idea to compare like that! And I'm with you - go Bob. It's pretty easy to feel forgotten about while the other parties are trying to please the knife-edge seats, which Melbourne certainly ain't. Thankfully.

Cat said...

I appreciate this post and although I was going to vote the way you mentioned anyway, it's given me even more reason to feel that I'm doing the right thing anyway. Thanks Penny!

Josh Healy said...

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Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Hehe yes I know I made them a bit too obvious Maxabella!

I thought it was so interesting to see the differences in the length as well as the content of the policies.

Anonymous said...

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