Finders Keepers Sydney - May 2010 (Part 2)

Of course, I couldn't come home empty handed from Finders Keepers - these are my keepers!

I love love love this gorgeous little 'handmade' Blinky from Blinking Flights, it's here keeping my little brown bunny company! Gorgeous Rebecca from Blinking Flights explains the inspiration here on her blog - people kept asking her if her beautiful softies were handmade... so she created this fabric to emphasise the answer!

Blinking Flights shop
Blinking Flights blog

These beautiful cloud brooches are my favourite thing I didn't come home with. (Photo from Notions). They're made by Paper Boat Press - I love ceramics, I love clouds... I love the brooches!

I didn't get my mum anything for Mother's Day in advance because I knew there would be something at the market - she looooves dragonflies, so this Sharon Muir ceramic bird is perfect! Beautiful!

I finally got to meet Rosie from Notions! When I was rifling through her badges we had a little giggle at the double meaning of this brooch, when worn in a certain place... I got it for a friend who is breastfeeding, to remember which side she's up to!

Rosie has so many gorgeous brooches...
Notions Shop
Notions Blog

And finally... beautiful little cards & prints from my stall-buddy, Sarah. Love Flossy-P.

Phew! I am lucky!


rabbit and the duck said...

That softie is adorable!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

So much gorgeous stuff. Love the breastfeeding bit with notions milk brooch! Cloud brooches are gorgeous. Great finds! Lou.

Rosie said...

Awwwww...thanks Penny! It was so nice to finally meet and have a chat. Love your purchases...wish I could have bought more, so much to choose from.

helena (little mo) said...

everything is so pretty!!! beats going to the mall any day i bet!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

lovely treasures you came home with Penny!!
that milk brooch, wonderful!! wish i had that when breastfeeding & trying to remember which side was which :)

rebecca said...

Thanks! I LOVED those little birdies too... so sweet and perfect. I also loved Paper Boat Press and came home with a stash of cute little magnets for my fridge. There really was soooooo much to choose from! :)

Morphologica said...

Was great to meet you Penny!!! xx