let's laugh at: fear of a brown planet!

Hey Melbourne! It's Comedy Festival time again! Not sure what to go see? How about Fear of a Brown Planet? Yay!

Back in the olden days I went to university with Aamer Rahman from Fear of a Brown Planet. I was lucky enough to work with him for a couple of years, and watched him fine tune his comedic skills! Now, Aamer and Nazeem Hussain are comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet. I love watching their shows because they don't espouse tired old humor or crack easy jokes, instead they combine cutting edge, modern Australian political critique with humour. And it is humour that is neither sexist, nor racist (what a relief!), but instead actually makes you think things about yourself and your society you might never have even thought before!

Hooray for funny clever people who have something important to say.

Website: brownplanet.com.au
Tickets: ticketmaster.com.au
Videos: youtube.com

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ricebabies said...

I just wanted to stop by and say I am HUGE fan. I was lucky enough to recieve goodies from your shop in a swap. I posted it on my blog today.

Have a great one.