tropical vacation

I was here, on lovely warm Hamilton Island, drinking cocktails in the pool-bar. Nice. It's shallow enough that you can stand up, so it doesn't really matter so much how inebriated you become. Now I am back in cold Melbourne.

We were there for Chris's brothers wedding- I didn't actually go on those little yacht things, nor did I do anything resembling activity, it was just hours and hours of lazing in the pool. Very much needed.

The wedding was lovely, and whilst I had a great time I'm kind of glad to be back to reality. Shall I say that I don't think I'm really the resort-getaway type of person!!

Now I just have to catch up on work & emails, oops!


karen lee said...

What is that (Anonymous) first comment all about lol!

karen lee said...

Hamilton Island looks lovely - even on a cloudy day! I have been there and that pool is great. Leave the swimming to the kids and just laze around sipping cocktails! Even tho not your type of holiday - sometimes it's good to be "forced" to take a break, as in a family wedding - sure it did you good.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

sounds and looks heavenly