my weekend

I couldn't think of what else to name this post! Last weekend was my Auntie and Grandma's birthdays - such a lovely gift, for your daughter to be born on your birthday! We had a big family lunch, and I took some food along - a lovely big plate of cupcakes! Banana & fig in the middle, and mini caramelised apple & white chocolate on either side. They were so good! I actually took twice this many cupcakes, as there were lots of us there. This was the plate we lit birthday candles on.

I'm really into these little stars lately, they're made of nori (seaweed sheets for making sushi), I just wet the pastry and squished them on. The little sausage rolls contain pumpkin, leek & silverbeet - even my Grandf'ther (we don't pronounce the 'a', it's a Scottish thing?), who thinks vegetarianism is one of the silliest things ever, thought they were delicious.

Edited to add: to make the little rolls, just roast some pumpkin with salt, pepper & oil for say 40 mins, add some chopped leek and roast for 5 more mins, add a teensy bit of silverbeet or spinach and roast for 3 more minutes, then take out of the oven and let it cool. Then, wrap in puff pastry & bake!

Shannon & I went to visit Magnolia Square Market last week and I bought this beautiful brooch for my Auntie from lovely Lauren of Okt-ober-dee. Beautiful! I've loved Okt-ober-dee for a long time so I was delighted to find that Lauren was such a lovely, friendly person. Hooray!

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Niina A. said...

Oh my gosh Penny, those rolls look so delicious!! Are you willing to share the recipe? :D