new madeit shop!

Just a quickie about the new MadeIt site - it's live now. For all you Aussies wanting to buy in $AU it's your place to shop!

I will be adding new things to it over the next few days, for now you can check out some familiar items here.

a pile o' purses

This is what I've spent the last little while making... a whole pile o' coinpurses. These are now currently at The Local Shop on High Street, Northcote and Southwood Home on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. It's kinda hard to tell but there's about 35 coinpurses in that pile - yikes! Taking that photo was like playing Jenga or some such game.

This is a little something I'm working on... it might go on your wall? :)

banana & fig cake

Am a bit stressed making some wholesale orders, so instead of course am watching Project Runway. What can I say, Tim Gunn is inspiring. Make it work!


We just got super fast speed ADSL+2 or something like that - it is amazing. After having only dial-up internet for the past 4 years I am just so pleased to be able to list items in my shop in only a couple of minutes, watch stuff on youtube, not have Facebook crash my computer, I can go on.
This clutch is made with gorgeous Tegan Rose fabric from Ink & Spindle... love the keys!

Paper Planes v2

One. Paper Planes Clutch - I actually did this illustration on the calico ages ago, and it kind of inspired me to do the art prints. It's only been made into a clutch in the last day or so.

Two. Paper Planes Art Print - on Etsy. I love this one. I need to buy myself some frames, and some picture hooks.


Happy Valentines - a bit belated. These are mine.

I bought this gorgeous print from the OzBushfireAppeal Etsy shop which is still going strong, there are many gorgeous things to be purchased there with profits going to the Red Cross. The print is donated by Able & Game - lovely!

Bushfire Appeal - Etsy Shopping

Very sad news about the bushfires throughout Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Luckily there are a lot of lovely Etsy sellers who want to help.

A shop has been set up on Etsy where you can find all different sorts of Art & Crafts by lots of different people. 100% of everything sold will be donated to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

It's a pretty amazing shop with hundreds of items listed, so please check it out!

bear in the woods

New art prints, available here in my Etsy shop. I've been working away at these and a couple of originals which are almost ready to be listed. Hooray!

happy birthday!

To me! My birthday was a few days ago, during the awful 43 degree weather (ugh) which is part of the reason I've been such a bad little blogger lately - have been hiding out at my parents house in front of their air conditioner!
Lovely things I got for my birthday include:
Very awesome ceramic mushrooms from my Mum - currently residing in my basil patch.

A book called Badge Button Pin (I found this at Readings and bought it for myself).

CDs from Chris (yay for great drawing music!)

Aaand... Michi!

And I had a great time, lots of food, friends and watermelon cocktails. Mmm.
I've been having a bit of a holiday the past few weeks, working at a snails pace, hopefully I get back on track very soon!