happy birthday!

To me! My birthday was a few days ago, during the awful 43 degree weather (ugh) which is part of the reason I've been such a bad little blogger lately - have been hiding out at my parents house in front of their air conditioner!
Lovely things I got for my birthday include:
Very awesome ceramic mushrooms from my Mum - currently residing in my basil patch.

A book called Badge Button Pin (I found this at Readings and bought it for myself).

CDs from Chris (yay for great drawing music!)

Aaand... Michi!

And I had a great time, lots of food, friends and watermelon cocktails. Mmm.
I've been having a bit of a holiday the past few weeks, working at a snails pace, hopefully I get back on track very soon!


Suzie said...

Happy Birthday for a few days ago! :)

Chrisy said...

...was my bd also a few days ago..the 30th...so a fellow free thinking aquarian...great gifts u got there...that mushroom is unique...

Emerald Arts said...

Yay :) Happy birthday, glad you had a ball. That mushroom is just to die for, I am so in love with it ;)

I'm glad you've been taking some time out, I know I run myself into the ground and forget to take time out. Then I burn out lol, useless.

Big hugs, Em.