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Thread Den market yesterday was a lot of fun, it was very busy and I met lots of lovely people including Cloud, all the way from Brisbane! I got to hang out with my lovely crafty bloggy buddies Shannon, Susan and Sandra, and of course I sold lots of goodies, and launched some new little items. (I forgot to use my camera, so no pics. Oops.)

I feel like the holiday season has crept up on me so fast this year! I've had so many ideas and not quite enough time, but some of my new items for the last month or so are:
Stripey & polka dot cards,
Gift tags,
Polka dotty illustrated purses,
Pocket Carnival fabric purses.

I think they all look so bright & festive & cheerful!

You can find them here:
On Etsy in $US, or
On Madeit in $AU

(If there's anything you see pictured that isn't in my store, and you want to buy it, please email me - - or leave a comment!)

You'll also be able to see all these things & come meet me at Mathilda's Market this Sunday! Details here.


Mami Made It said...

Your tags and cards and other items are lovely! Your blog too.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

it was a great market, i was flat chat! Didn't get time to visit any other stalls !

Bertie said...

Hello! Your designs are adorable!! I am so thrilled to find another crafty *vegan* melbourne blog!! I had to follow you & vegerati too !! :>
When you've got a free moment come say hello at my animal lovin/retro/craft blog:
Anyhows bye for now and have a lovely week x

Sam said...

Talk about a busy bee!!! Love this selection here Penny - you're really rockin' those forest creatures!! Wish I was down in Melbs - I'd come and visit a market!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Soooooo LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!
These are wonderful!!!!!!
I want one! I want one! :D

parisa mahmoudi said...

The orange one is my favorite! :)