Shinzi Bento Boxes

Since my recent (4 or so days now) obsession with making and eating Bento boxes, I've been looking for the cute little bits to go in them. Kawaii sauce bottles, zakka mayonnaise containers, so on. I really do think the Shinzi ones take the cake. His website's in Japanese, but pretty pictures!!!

There is a version of the Shinzi Katoh website in English - it's not as cute as the Japanese version, so the rest of the links go to that site.

I love these onigiri cases. So cute! I think I'm looking for one more like this.

My favourite section is Pinocchio. Have you ever seen a more adorable illustration of Pinocchio? Alice is pretty cute too!

Happy looking!


Rosie said...

I blogged at Shinzi yesterday! I just received some of his three little pigs fabric. So cute!

Tania said...

I really shouldn't be looking at these at 12.15 at night. Have suddenly decided a midnight snack delivered in a magnificent Shinzi bento box is just the thing. Hmn.

Claire said...