pretty little things

With a few tweaks the little deer card from yesterday is ready, along with his friend the fox. I think these ones are pretty cute! They feel like a little candy store. More on their way - next up will be a bunny & a frog.

on Madeit in $AU,
on Etsy in $US.

And another clutch - I feel like I've not been keeping my online shop stocked very well, but I'm getting there! It is almost Christmas, after all... need to stay on my toes!


helena / little mo said...

he should say hello my deer friend! hehe. Love the cards! Too sweet!

bec said...

oh they are beautiful!
your clutches are on my christmas pressie list!

amy said...

i love the stripey backgrounds on the cards, they are a perfect use of space. pretty :)

Kim said...

It's all so cute!

Sam said...

Very cute and joyful Penny! Great stuff!

Vickie said...

gorgeous cards