mailbox and table

On my kitchen table: We rent our house, so I've never been too concerned about completely ridding our garden of various weeds and creeping plants. Every once in a while I hack a bit off the jasmine vines, but they always come back. This year, I suppose because it's been colder far later than usual, the jasmine took a little while to flower. But here it is, nicely filling my kitchen with pretty perfume.

In my mailbox: I couldn't help gloating at Chris last night that I got 3 packages in the mail yesterday and all he got was a bill (well, we both have to pay, but it had his name on it). First up were two little packages. I know Dave Sedaris has been around for awhile, and is rather popular, but I hadn't read any of his books. This review by Karin Elizabeth inspired me, and I found a super cheap copy on Ebay. Hooray! I've already read a fair chunk, and whilst my reaction didn't mirror Karin's, I'm enjoying it - it's just a nice, easy read.

I also got this super sweet little icecream ring from Leakhena on Etsy... cute! Icecream & a ring, how I love it.

In my mailbox: an amazing bundle of goodies from superstar Helena! This is just a little snippet of what I got, there are prints to frame, a bag to use, and gorgeous wrapping paper for when lovely people request gift wrapping from me. Hooray!

You can see Helena's goodies on Etsy, or check her super cute website.

On my table: a big pile of almost finished goodies. Just waiting to have their linings sewn up. Maybe I'll wait until the pile is so big it keeps falling over before I do this. It's the little things.


DELiciousDesignz said...

wow, what a lovely lot of mailbox goodies...

helena said...

waah good flower arrangement skills pennybunny, want to do my wedding flowers hehe?

Poor chris, you need to buy him something and have it sent to the mailbox so that he won't feel left out!!

Hey we should do book reviews on our blogs, i need to catch up on some good books too! I've heard good things too about sedaris' books

Mama Mogantosh said...

Oh, I'm jealous. My Ebay karma is bad right now. Things not what they should be. Gorgeous dresses become ugly in the post; shoes too big...I love David Sedaris. I wish I could read him again for the first time. And that jasmine looks gorgeous!

Sam said...

Look at all those gorgeous goodies from Helen and jasmine blossoms! Great to hear you're so busy!