daylesford mini break

Chris and I headed off over the weekend for a much needed little holiday! Hooray! So exciting, as we've both been working, working, working lately. We camped at gorgeous Mount Franklin which is about 8kms outside of Daylesford... it was just exactly how I imagined the perfect campsite (and there is a toilet)! It was so beautiful when we arrived, warm & sunny, so we just chillaxed at the campsite for the evening.

Mount Franklin on Google Maps
Mount Franklin on Parks Victoria (camping info)

When we woke up on Sunday it was chilly! I opted us out of a breakfast around the camping stove, so we scooched in to Daylesford... we had a quick look around the railway market, then breakfast at Himalaya Bakery.

Then... we went to Lark! So exciting. I've been wanting to visit since the shop opened a month or so ago... it's so cute! You can see how cold the day was from the look of those clouds! You can see photos of the shop on the Lark website... it's like a little candy store of handmade goodies!

I was tempted by lots of things, but managed to limit myself... Viking Card by Herzensart, and a copy of World Sweet World.

Hooray for Daylesford mini breaks!


yardage girl said...

Lucky you - I can't wait to visist Lark. The camping spot looked nice too. Enjoy World Sweet World - it is a really great read.

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Looks like a fab little break!

Spin Spin said...

Great idea, I'm counting down the days until I have time to go there (Lark) and camping sounds like fun, yay! And your stripey card is ACE!

helena / little mo said...

camping! did you make a campfire and toast marshmallows?

libu said...

Lark looks like a store I would love to visit!