blogtoberfest day 10

So, I'm not sure about you all, but Blogtoberfest is proving harder than I thought. Sure, a blog post every day is okay, but keeping it interesting? Especially when honestly all I've been doing much of this past week is sewing. Today I packed it in and gardened instead. We have a scrotty looking front courtyard area where our recently deceased lemon tree used to be - today I weeded and weeded and discovered an old glass pill jar, half a beer bottle, some pieces of roof tile, various plastic toys, and our neighbours water pipe (thankfully in not a disastrous manner). We then planted a couple of native plants... hopefully they live happier lives than our lemon tree pal.

I took 'before' photos, and will show 'afters' when the plants are looking happier!

We also planted tomato & eggplant... hooray! You can see the tomato in amongst my magic mushrooms. I love home grown tomatoes so much. Exciting. Also, so excited that there are two consecutive warm days this weekend. Starting to feel like Spring.


MooBeeTees said...

You're right Penny a blog a day is hard - but it's amazing how interesting your life will seem in comparison to someone elses - LOL!

Karin said...

Don't you love gardening? Nothing else relaxes me more than weeding and planting. It's .. grounding in some way I think.

Cute magical mushrooms!

Veri-Tea said...

Those mushrooms are cute! Where did you get them? :)

benconservato said...

Umm blogging every day, not sure how I would go with that either, but you seem to be doing ok. I love home grown tomatoes as well and good on you for planting some natives, better all round, they know what to expect normally.

Heeee, magic mushrooms.