mixtape + cupcake

I've been a little absent the past few days, mostly due to my unfortunate acquisition of an outrageous cold (and I copied that term from Sam a.k.a. Matou en Peluche, she is much funnier than I, I think).

Something that's made me feel a little cozier is the new issue of Mixtape Zine! Hooray! I got my little mitts on a copy at Sticky, I had to dash in & straight out as they have so many amazing zines there and I always fear for my bank account when I am in there. They also have the sweetest little paper bags.

And, lookie lookie! It is me! Lovely Justine of Mixtape organised this super sweet little article all about Pocket Carnival, I think it looks gorgeous. You can buy your own copy online here.

Thankfully when I felt myself getting sick, I had the forsight to make a very large pot of soup, and a big batch of caramelised pear & white chocolate cupcakes... mmm!

Anyway, off to go posit myself in front of the heater with a dvd & something with lemon & ginger in it. Or as my lovely friend Shen suggested, stick a clove of garlic in each nostril... maybe not.


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Cool looking zine. I nearly went to Sticky on the weekend actually. Oh and I saw your wares at Hunter Gatherer.
Hope you're feeling better soon. Those muffins look freakin' delish.

Vickie said...

very cool about the magazine article.

Hope you feel better soon & I'm jealous of you cupcakes :P

mixtapezine said...

thanks so much penny
i loved having you involved
you work is the CUTEST

Cath from chunkychooky said...

those muffins will surely make you feel better. get well soon.

Red Letter Studio said...

Hi Penny, I just wanted to tell you I see your things all the time on MadeIt and Etsy and I just love them - cute article in MixTape, good on you!! hope the cold is gone, did you save me a muffin??!

helena said...

get well soon pennybunny!! The article looks sooooo sweet with your bunnies!! Love it! Gotta love the paperbag and muffins too! hmmmm!

I'm Philippa O said...

it was a very cute article, congrats!