nice things + peppermint

Today's been just one of those very lazy days. I spent a long time taking photos of myself on the camera before, but none were very good. I planted some silverbeet in the garden, played with my beads and found some really great apricot vintage seed beads, and had lots of cups of tea.

I got my copy of Peppermint Mag in the mail, so read that for awhile. Am very impressed, it's only the 2nd edition and it looks great and is so awesome - it's basically an eco-friendly fashion magazine.

Also sorted out my things from the sewing classes... these are some of the samples I took (the pencil case & coinpurse are about to be added to Etsy.

The girls weren't so into the cleanup, and apparently ended up chucking lots of things into my bags randomly - these are a couple of things they made which I will return to them! Cute!


lyptis said...

Hey, nice stuff!

I like the bunny brooch one of the girls made!

Sounds like u had an AWESOME day!
*sigh* how i miss those lazy days! dreamy!

I might have a look at the peppermint mag, sounds interesting!

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

I got my copy of Peppermint mag yesterday - it's great. Makes me feel cool just reading it

michvanetta said...

Penny, after you mentioned Peppermint magazine the other day I went and bought it, and I love it, so many familiar sellers and it's exactly my type of mag, so a big thanks!

Cute things that the girls made, I bet you had loads of fun with them ;)

Natalia said...

I so need to check out that mag! Sweet creations too! xo