super eco recycled!

So I've been chopping these jean legs for a couple of days now, and am nearly finished. The jeans bums have been made into short shorts sold at Hunter Gatherer, so I really do only have the jean legs.

Most of the legs are the perfect size for two clutches, but some have a little bit extra, so the extra bits have become these cute little pouches! Two have been made with a little vintage doiley detail, and the other has a teeny patch of leftover Ink & Spindle Birch Forest organic fabric.

Super eco organic recycled - even the lining is from the op shop! Hooray! On Etsy!


Tinniegirl said...

They are gorgeous. What a great use of an old pair of jeans. I was going to send mine to the op shop. Maybe I'll pop them in the craft room.

Susie said...

Hi, your purses are just lovely, i was looking for some inspiration today and came across Maude the birdy first of all, i love her. then read the rest of your lovely blog, you are very talented, i agree the Hollabee and Thea & Sami prints are gorgeous, i have some in my store aswell, Im going to add you to my fav blogs, so as others can see what beauties can be made especially with these fab eco prints.

Veronica Darling... said...

I love reusing op shop stuff or refashioning rather than sewing with new things! They look ACE!