not so hard...

Whenever I want to do a new design I have to figure it out exactly in my head first - how it will work. It's fairly hard sometimes - I angsted over this one a little bit - how do you have a fully lined purse with a flap?
I figured it out finally, and this is the first one. I think I like it.


Just made myself a business page on Facebook... seems about as redundant as a myspace page (ooh how bitter) but you can see it anyway here:

Pocket Carnival on Facebook

I like how it tells you how many people click on your page. I don't like how it keeps wanting you to get paid advertising.

marshmallow jellyfish

@ Etsy & Dawanda

Am very please Diablo Cody won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Juno.


Yes! New zips, for me, in the mailbox, today!

Finally can make things requiring zips other-than-brown.

gipsy and twink

I want these... gorgeous, no? Available from gipsy and twink.


Very random, but someone just came to my front door to ask for directions to a street that is suburbs away. It's not like I even live on a main road... odd!!

newer & cuter

Yesterday I was revisiting the past and realised my coinpurses have been getting bigger & bigger the longer I make them. They really don't need to be as big as they are, so I decided to make them smaller. I made myself a template for all future reference, and did a few trials - I think they're heaps better! A lot cuter, they still easily fit cards etc in them.

Compare the pair:

You can see the old style underneath the new style - just a couple of cm different.

Also new:

Patchwork coinpurse - at Dawanda

Seahorse coinpurse - at Etsy

Enjoy your weekends!

nice weekend

Having a nice weekend - went to the Mix Tape Zine issue 3 launch at Sticky on Friday night, met Anna, PeiPei & Peta which was great, along with some of the girls from Mike's. Also took some more coinpurses in to Chris at Corky Saint Clair (just opposite Sticky in the Degraves Street Subway).

Then went out for a friends bday at a cute bar on Lygon - Mi Corazone. It's a South American themed bar with awesome food & drinks (but had a bit of a Mojito hangover yesterday).

Today have been sewing forth some patchwork coinpurses. Yum. Also went for breakfast in a lovely cafe.

Geese & Seahorse

Today was the kind of day to remind me that Summer is soon ending for the year... it was a rainy, cold, hot chocolatey kind of day. I do like certain aspects of Winter - sitting by the heater in a doona, listening to the rain, Winter clothes... however I am more of a Summer person and would prefer perpetual sun & warmth. It was a good day for sewing though:

Seahorse coinpurse, available at Dawanda.

It was also a Kirin & Co kind of day...

I made this clutch with an earlier run of Geese fabric from Lara - it's available at Etsy.

This gorgeous fabric arrived in the mail from Lara today too.


I love my new ipod. I've never had one before, and they're very good.

That's all. Enjoy your weekend!

plus one...

Plus one year that is... just celebrated my birthday. It's been full of food, friends and fun! And have another dinner tonight. I think my new years resolutions generally don't get resolved until my birthday, and so this year I resolved to become more organised. That's all.

I bought myself this gift - it's a book called Me in My Bag. I was browsing Readings after an awesome b'day dinner at BlueCorn which is a restaurant I really love. Me in My Bag basically took 100 people, photographed them with their bag, photographed the contents of their bag (in all its gory detail) and also features handwritten descriptions of the content by all the subjects. It is hilarious, but it also makes me happier to be making bags, seeing all the funny things that go into them.

Today in my garden I found... tiny eggplants! Yum!

And finally, available in both Etsy & Dawanda are these super cute clutches/makeup bags. Love this gorgeous blossomy print! Happy Friday!