nice weekend

Having a nice weekend - went to the Mix Tape Zine issue 3 launch at Sticky on Friday night, met Anna, PeiPei & Peta which was great, along with some of the girls from Mike's. Also took some more coinpurses in to Chris at Corky Saint Clair (just opposite Sticky in the Degraves Street Subway).

Then went out for a friends bday at a cute bar on Lygon - Mi Corazone. It's a South American themed bar with awesome food & drinks (but had a bit of a Mojito hangover yesterday).

Today have been sewing forth some patchwork coinpurses. Yum. Also went for breakfast in a lovely cafe.

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Lara said...

Ohh sorry I didn't get to see you there! I was home sick with a cold, was so looking forward to it too! Oh well, next time :)