A - Z

Today I went to the opening of the A - Z exhibition at Brunswick Bound - all the paintings/illustrations start with the letters A - Z. (And do check out the invitation, it's amazing). I always go and check P (for Penny) first whenever there's an alphabet involved, and this amazing P by Mel Stringer did not disappoint at all.

Then took a little journey down to the lovely 696 to deliver some stock - excellent. They now have a lovely fresh bundle of clutches and some hand illustrated coinpurses.

Have added a couple of older clutches at a sale price to Etsy (decided to put them on sale as they don't have straps). If you're looking for the front one it'll be there tomorrow as my photos need to be redone.
Enjoy your weekends!


bunzi said...

very cute!

Emma said...

Hey I went too! I met Catherine but if I'd known you were there I could have said hi to you too ;) We might not have been there at the same time though, what time did you go?

PS. Cute pouches!

Suzie said...

Hi! I thought i would de-lurk because I went there too! I was the one cramming her face full of cup-cakes :). I was very lucky to purchase the drawing for "B", I fell in love with it at first sight.

PS - You wares are SO cute. I can't wait to see them at the Sisters Market.