in the woods

I think I've developed a small obsession with drawing Wintery woods as a way to express my overwhelming coldness this Winter. I bought some new ink yesterday, some black ink and then on a whim this brown calligraphy ink. I'm glad I bought it as it turned out to be a much nicer colour dry than it is in the bottle. This is the first thing I've drawn with it...

I'm pleased with it however I got a little smudge of ink on the edge of the paper, which you can just barely see. This ink takes a lot, lot longer to dry than the other one I've been using, and I'm so impatient!

I found these two cute little hearts as well and thought they'd make nice badges - I had to paint them first as someone had helpfully written the price right onto the heart, and then I drew the little characters in ink & then varnished them a couple of times. I've added these to my Etsy shop.

Finally I just added these to my Dawanda store - a coinpurse and a clutch. The clutches are going well there, I'm pleased!

I was making some muesli - toasting some oats & hazelnuts in the oven. I always seem to burn my hazelnuts, and then suddenly I just realised they'd been in the oven for over 20 minutes and would surely be black! I ran to the kitchen and pulled them out of the oven and realised miraculously they weren't burnt, but in fact they were barely cooked at all as apparently my oven has just broken. Big sigh!

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mushroommeadows said...

The hearts are adorable!