daffodils & a sale

I had a big huge clean of my house & in particular my studio yesterday (there's a funny reason for this which I'll share soon). I looked through my big box of purses and realised I had a whole stack of things I'd made ages ago, and which I've since stopped making. Therefore, I've put them on sale in my Etsy store and Dawanda store - the bigger sized applique coinpurses are all on sale, along with some different little things.

I know that Spring is coming when I look at these daffodils... it's just so cold though.

It'll be sunny like this one minute and then rainy and miserable the next. There's still 1 more month of Winter left. This is where I sit and sketch, in particular it's a nice spot for me to do the illustrations onto calico for the purses. (Sometimes I use my computer screen as a lightbox if I want to trace things).

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Laura B said...

Good luck with your sale! I did the same this week and brought together lots of bits of stock that I need to move on to make way for new stuff. I'm going to have a girl's night and set up my goodies for all the neighbourhood to see and hopefully buy!
I love your Love Bunnies! Couls these little creatures be making their way into your etsy shop?