frog & garlic

Last night we went for a friends birthday to Wallah in Balaclava - I gave her one of these frog coinpurses. Hers was a bit different, I think the frog is one of my favourites. Wallah was good but I feel like every part of me exudes garlic-smell (even though I have brushed my teeth about 10 times).

Today I am in my little studio room with the heater on and SO many clothes and I'm still cold, but I'm having a fun time. I've realised I'm really bad at sticking to any one specific style of art, one day I might make 10 bags in a new style then a week later I'll be sick of them and move on to painting or something else. Which is fine, but it's hard to maintain a consistent range of items to sell. It's all good though. Time to go eat some parsley or whatever else will get rid of the garlic!

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